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June 2012

17.6 Aptus INT show, Helsinki
judge: Barbara Müller, Switzerland

"Myra" Northworth At Last - BB 3, CAC, BOS junior!!!

9.6 Salo, judge: Thomasz Borkowski, Poland

"Myra" Northworth At Last - Best Bitch 1, CAC, BOS!!!!!

Northworth Jacket Of Jaeger "Josh" - Northworth New Target "Chilli" - Northworth Riff Of Rumba "Thilda" - Northworth At Last "Myra"

A LOT Has happend!!

I can´t figure out why I don´t find time tu update my website. Maybe Facebook is one reason?
I put nowadays almost all my pictures on my Facebook-profile...

Tindra has left us - she died unexpected in a heart attack just in front of me. I had so many plans for the two of us. I can´t get out of my head that she isn´t here anymore!! I MISS HER EVERY SECOND!!!

BUT... Something NICE has also happened!

Myra (Northworth At Last) has moved in with us just before christmas 2011. She came together with "Iris" (Northworth Shot Too Hot) just to spend some time here with us and our dogs for a few weeks,
but I fell SO IN LOVE with Myra, that she stayed to live with us! :)
I´m now co-owning her with her breeder and my very good friend Nina Kauhanen. It is a honour for me to have Myra living with us!

Yesterday 2.6. Myra (now 10 months old) was with her breeder Nina at our Cocker Special Show, and became there Best Bitch 2 with CAC of 80(!!) bitches!!!
Myra became also Best In Show Junior, and Best Cocker under 2 years old!
There was 160 entries at the show.

Judges was: Debbie & Ken Grice from UK (kennel Kyne).

Yesterday was a rainy day at the show. I got this picture from Nina to my cellphone:

Myra dressed, when she was soaking wet... With a brooch!!! :D

In May Myra was travelling with Nina to World Winner Show in Saltzburg, Austia.
She became 2´nd in her own class that was HUGE (17)!
I´m proud of my little girl!

Thank you Anna & Photis for the pics!
Below I put some photos of our dogs and family... :)

Myra with her very best friend Amy.

Myra with my younger daughter Jessanna
Our Chinese Crested dog "Pripps" (Sippelins Pride Elentari) took a bath... :)

Pripps thinks that birthday partys are boooooring... :)

My sisters daughter and my goddaughter Fanny with Myra
Myra is just so fun... :)

Here with my older daughter Jessica.

Myra was a little baby when she came to live with us...


Myra and I:

Myras favourite place to sleep = In my bed...
Now some winter photos of Myra and Tindra: